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Experienced Scrum Master (aka chaos-tamer) @ Editorial Area

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  • Antwerpen, Vlaams Gewest, België


Who or What are we looking for?

(Yez, robots can apply too!)

Are you a professional and experienced chaos-tamer, an expert in wrangling teams of quirky individuals, and a certified “Jedi Master” of Agile? If so, keep reading, we've got the purrfect role for you!

As professional chaos-tamer (a.k.a Scrum Master in Editorial Area) your main focus will be turning our teams of guru-like-creatives, stubborn developers, and coffee enthusiasts into a symphony of efficiency.

The mindset of our new future colleague / Scrum Master has to be one of Getting-Sh*t-Done! Normally this would be the place where we tell you that we’re a dream company and the best organized IT-organization you’ve ever seen, but trust us… Somewhere between all our greatness and flawless organizational skills there are still a lot of things that need to be fixed 😂

Who or What is “Editorial Area”?

(The best Area within DPG Media IT, but ssshhtttt)

As Editorial Area we provide, build and maintain all tools for our journalists.

On a daily basis thousands of journalists of our major brands publish thousands of articles on our platforms and in our newspapers/magazines such as Algemeen Dagblad, Het Laatste Nieuws, Humo, De Morgen, etc…

As Editorial it’s our job to make sure that our colleagues only have to worry about creating and styling the best possible content.

PS : This vacancy is for our Headquarter in Antwerp! (so parking won't be a problem) 😂


What will you be doing?

(except for earning a truck-load of cash)

You will continuously improve and stimulate the self-organizing attitude of your multi-skilled-teams and create a positive work environment, being ‘the voice of reason’ when the pressure is on. Your key responsibilities will be (but surely not limited to….):

  • Coaching the PO’s in prioritizing the sprint backlog, because sometimes their backlog looks more like a jar of M&M’s. (Please don’t tell them in their face)
  • Shielding the team from distractions like rogue Security Officers, surprise office parades, and overly enthusiastic Area Managers and Business Stakeholders.
  • From time-to-time but hopefully never, being a good “Manager”. (For the moment the area manager is still loving his “Manager”-position and chair, but who knows in the future..?)
  • Not afraid of being the unpopular guy/girl and making some hard calls 
  • Mastering the art of cat herding, because sometimes team members need to be reminded that they're not actually cats and can't have catfights whenever they like.

Basically you can summarize all the above in : Make your teams run smoothly on a daily basis in very close cooperation with your fellow Scrum Masters, Product Owner and the Area Manager. (and boy is he a pain in the *ass)

What else will you be doing (or better, what makes you happy in a job)?

  • Using your sense of humor to defuse tension faster than a whoopee cushion at a board meeting.
  • You’re an excellent talker and listener who turns problems into solutions, because boy do we hate problems! Editorial Area only thinks in solutions…
  • You’ll be acting a lot as a “Manusje-van-alles” for the greater good of the team and/or the Area.
  • Make sure your team(s) run smooth on the people-side of things
  • Being the Guardian Angel of the delivery speed and insights.
  • … and so much much much more!

Even more reasons to work at DPG Media

We offer a high-performing tech workplace where we treasure freedom, from how you find solutions to choosing your path. Feel free to be an entrepreneur, an apprentice, a team player, and, of course, to be you. We welcome everyone to apply, whatever your background may be. A great bunch of smart colleagues awaits you and are eager for you to join the team.

How do you apply?

PLEASE, send us your most enchanting cat herding tale and a resume that doesn't take itself too seriously. Or for the sake of old times, send us a yellow postcard 😂

Note: Actual chaos may vary, and laughter is mandatory.
Not a joke: Payroll-permanent candidates only