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Full stack developer @ DPG Network

Op locatie
  • Antwerpen, Vlaams Gewest, België


Antwerpen - We are the software craftsmen behind the digital products of all the media brands of DPG Media and all our internal applications that keep our business running. This means we enable the biggest news & entertainment brands in The Netherlands and Belgium via technology.

  • Discovering the agile culture in the media industry.
  • Delivering incremental business value with high quality and high speed as well as providing good support to our customers, is what we do.

+500 colleagues working from Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Vilvoorde, Antwerp and Hoofddorp. We believe the unit of delivery is the team. We want to mobilise all the brainpower we can and therefore try to organise our work environment without unnecessary levels and hierarchies, pigeon holes or marching orders to simply be executed.

Understanding the “why” is a prerequisite for doing what we do best. Understanding the problem is key to finding good solutions. Since we don't know what the future will bring, we optimise for scale when it makes sense and go for fast experiments & learning wherever we can.

DPG Network Area
At DPG Media we all contribute to our mission to reach and inform as many people as possible. Here at the DPG Network Area specifically we are at the very centre of our digital strategy. As such you’ll have the opportunity to join a team whose everyday activities have a real impact on our company, and perhaps even digital media as a whole. We are active in both The Netherlands and Belgium but our homebase is Antwerp. You’ll join the formed Privacy team to work on everything that is related to privacy. We believe that privacy is an essential part of the digital experience for all of our users and we’re looking for a great full-stack Java developer to help us realise our privacy vision.

As a member of this team you’ll be responsible for software craftsmanship, in the broad sense of the term. You’ll help define and refine solutions to problems in close collaboration with our business stakeholders, develop the software and safeguard the technical foundation of our software platforms (including automated tests, deploy pipelines, cloud infrastructure, ...) as well as execute on full end-to-end responsibility, including production performance and monitoring.


Job requirements

  • Your homebase is Antwerp, but you don’t mind sporadically travelling to Rotterdam or Amsterdam
  • You’re comfortable interacting with a wide range of people such as DPOs, developers, product owners and marketeers
  • You believe in agile and you understand why it matters
  • You’re a good communicator when it’s needed
  • Privacy & GDPR related topics are of (great) interest to you
  • Modern Java & web development is not a secret to you and you’re passionate about its ecosystem
  • You are – or have the ambition to become – a full-stack developer and are mostly specialised in frontend development (modern HTML, CSS and JavaScript)
  • You are well-versed in modern web technologies such as HTTP, REST, JSON & modern JavaScript frameworks and tools
  • Experience with AWS, MongoDB, NodeJS, TypeScript and/or Svelte would be nice

What we offer you

  • Continuous deployment and automated testing are some of our core beliefs and we’ve moved to the cloud (AWS) with no intention of turning back. We also strongly believe in autonomous and self-managing teams, so you get a lot of say in how you want to work or what you want to improve.
  • You will be working at a leading media company bustling with fun colleagues. Like you, they are passionate about digital and offline media and are continuously learning new things from each other and from the best in the trade. You are set out on a journey where every next week will be different from the last, and where you are stimulated on a daily basis to take things to the next level.
  • You get the opportunity to keep reinventing yourself in an environment where continuous learning is the benchmark. All of this through trainings (internal and external), guild meetings, online courses, experiments,... You decide where the journey takes you, with maximum support from us!

Will you be our new colleague? Then apply now!