React Native developer

Job description

In this position as a React Native developer you will build software solutions which supports our millions of visitors every day in their entertainment and relaxation.

What are you going to do
In the Entertainment area you will work together with 5 other developers. Together with your team, you are responsible for the frontend and backend of the biggest short-form video, podcasts, puzzles and games platform of the Netherlands and Belgium.
Your effort services our big titles such as, and for which you will build on a Sudoku or a video/audio player for example.

Though there's a lot to be done with React Native, you're work is not limited to this. You will also work with other languages such as Elixir, Ruby and Swift.

About us
For us, technology, product and entertainment are the center with which we service our visitors. We believe in quality and getting the most out of our day. It's quite common that not everything is laid out before you. We work together with these values: positivity, authenticity, creativity, spontaneity and collaboration. 

We offer

  • a salary matching your experience
  • a one-year contract
  • 36-hour workweek
  • 12% in flexible benefits (of which 8% is holiday allowance)
  • a percentage of profit shares
  • 24 paid holiday days
  • location in Amsterdam
  • the opportunity to work with the latest tech stack

Job requirements

Who are you
You're a passionate and driven programmer. You actively contribute to the broadening and deepening of the product, both on a technical and functional level. Your knowledge, experience and skills are worth gold! You have:

  • At least 3 years of working experience with JavaScript and 1 at least year with React Native and TypeScript, in an Agile environment.
  • Experience with monorepo setup environments like Lerna, Yarn workspaces.
  • High testing standards (Unit Testing, Automated Testing, TDD, BDD).

We consider it a plus if you've experience with Native iOS/Android, CI/CD and process automation. Also, experience working with entertainment customer facing products like video or games is a big plus.

As the largest media company in the Netherlands, we are open to all talents in our society. We call on candidates with a diverse background - in the broadest sense of the word - to apply for this position. It’s the differences between colleagues that lead to surprising insights and innovative solutions. And that, in turn, fits very well with us as an organization. We are curious about you, your qualities, and your experience.

Interested? Apply!
Want to know more first? I would be happy to answer your questions via Venetia de Wit at

You can also call or send an app on +31-615850813.

We love doing our own recruitment and are not interested in working with agencies.