DevOps Engineer

Job description

Hoofddorp - As a DevOps Engineer at you contribute to the biggest digital news brand in the Netherlands, with a monthly reach of more than seven million Dutch people. The impact you make is huge and contributes directly to the user experience.

The team values high-quality work and for a DevOps Engineer at it's important to realize that (as they say) "the only constant is change".

What are you going to do?

In this role you are responsible for the devops and backend part of You are closely involved with the product. Together with your colleagues you improve, maintain and add new features to the backend. Between sprints, you do refinements and search for new opportunities, tools and techniques to improve the product. You also continuously search for ways to improve the software development process. 

We're working on containerization and planning ahead instead of being reactive, with a clear focus on innovation.

Your main tasks exist of:

  • The development of various services that power;
  • DevOps-related improvements to the stack;
  • Looking for opportunities to improve the product and process;
  • Collaborating with other teams and gaining and sharing knowledge.

The team has several development teams. A team consists of a product owner, several developers, a designer, tester and scrum master. In sprints of 2 to 3 weeks you work closely together on the optimization of our product. The various departments, including editorial, marketing, IT and the product team, each contribute an essential part to the total experience. The team is ambitious and talented, with passion and pleasure anchored in the DNA of

We offer

  • An experience-based salary;
  • 36-hour workweek;
  • 12% personal choice budget (of which 8% is holiday allowance);
  • Participation in the profit sharing arrangement;
  • Personal development opportunities such as education, training and certificates;
  • Location in Hoofddorp (currently we work from home);
  • Working with the latest stack;
  • Knowledge sharing from our tech colleagues.

Even more reasons to work at DPG Media

At DPG Media, we work for more than 90 strong news brands, magazines, television shows, radio stations, and online services such as Qmusic,, Tweakers, Libelle, and VTM. Although we look like a media group, we are really a tech company. We get digital transformation done.

We offer a high-performing tech workplace where we treasure freedom, from how you find solutions to choosing your path. Feel free to be an entrepreneur, an apprentice, a team player, and, of course, to be you. We welcome everyone to apply, whatever your background may be. A great bunch of smart colleagues awaits you and are eager for you to join the team, whether that be a project team, a pub quiz team, or a sports team.

Learn what we have to offer you or get to know our tech company! And while you’re at it, you can find us on LinkedIn and Twitter too.

Job requirements

Job requirements

  • You have 3+ years of experience as a DevOps Engineer, preferably with Python or Node.JS knowledge;
  • You have experience with the Django and Django Rest Frameworks. Knowledge of cloud (AWS) and Kubernetes is a plus;
  • In addition to your knowledge of Python/Node.JS, you have additional experience with Docker, GraphQL, Node.js or Vue.js;
  • You have experience with various CI/CD-related tools. Experience with infra-as-code is a plus; 
  • You work agile, test-driven, consistent and with an eye for detail.

As the largest media company in the Netherlands, we are open to all talents in our society. We call on candidates with a diverse background - in the broadest sense of the word - to apply for this position. It’s the differences between colleagues that lead to surprising insights and innovative solutions. And that, in turn, fits very well with us as an organization. We are curious about you, your qualities, and your experience.

Will you be our new colleague? Then apply now!

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