Area Architect | Solution Architect

Job description

Customer Services Area

Our team builds and runs the environment to service our customers with fast, flawless (digital) services handling for all DPG Brands. Our services impact millions of readers/viewers in The Netherlands and Belgium.

At the moment a large part of the subscription, our self-service portal and Customer Engagement Center is being renewed. Our ambitions are sky-high and that is why we are looking for another solution architect.

Job requirements

As Solution Architect you:

  • Understand that only working software delivers business value. You support our cross-functional squads in a scaled Agile, Scrum, You build it, You run it (DevOps) environment.
  • Translate the business roadmap into a "town" plan and technical roadmap for our Customer Services Area.
  • Help the team make design decisions and keep the technical quality unquestionably high working according to the principles of Domain Driven Design and Aligned Autonomy.
  • Work closely with our other architect, an interesting sparring partner at your disposal. You actively participate in the Architects' Guild and enjoy sharing knowledge, experience and best practices.
  • Aim for continuous improvement. To you short delivery deadlines and value delivery are self-evident.
  • Have broad experience as a senior developer and software architect in a CICD environment.
  • Participate in the context, you work in the squads with fellow developers and support them by sharing 'learnings', collecting feedback on what works and what doesn’t.
  • Enjoy participating in refinements and clarifications. You know how to discover the real leading requirements / look for the requirements that must be monitored (or, eliminated).
  • Bonus points for knowledge or experience in Customer Care processes / CRM
  • Fluent understanding and speaking in Dutch is required.

You’ll have:

  • autonomy and a voice we’ll listen to. Continuous deployment and automated testing are some of our core beliefs. We’ve moved to the cloud (AWS) with no intention of turning back. We strongly believe in autonomous and self-managing teams, so you get a lot of say in how you want to work or what you want to improve.
  • the chance to work at a leading media company. Like you, we are passionate about digital and offline media, continuously learning new things from each other and from the best in the trade. You are set out on a journey where every next week will be different from the last, and where you are stimulated on a daily basis to take things to the next level.
  • the opportunity to keep reinventing yourself In our environment continuous learning is the benchmark. All of this through trainings (internal and external), guild meetings, online courses, experiments. You decide where the journey takes you - maximum support from us!
  • working from our office in Amsterdam and occasionally in Antwerp in the future. We will be working from home for a while, but that is no challenge with your connecting qualities and our supporting office automation

What we offer you

  • An experience-based salary.
  • 36-hour work week.
  • 12% in flexible benefits (of which 8% is holiday allowance).
  • A percentage of profit shares.
  • Reimbursement of travel expenses.
  • 20 paid holiday days.
  • Fully paid functional technical training.

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