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Area Solution Architect - Consumer Facing & Distribution

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  • Hoofddorp, Noord-Holland, Nederland


Amsterdam - as Area Solution Architect, your role is crucial in guiding the path towards a reduced and improved application & tech stack. We have a clear vision of where we want to be, and we need your expertise to help us get there.

Our landscape within DPG Media

The Consumer Facing & Distribution domains encapsulate all service related touchpoints with consumers, including our customer centers and our paper delivery organisation bringing newspapers to the doormat.

We recently completed the migration of our technology to the cloud, building new applications using crisp technology stacks (AWS based, using Kotlin and go.lang, ELM, React.js), in some cases by implementing SAAS solutions (Salesforce, Nice CX), and lifting and shifting existing applications to the Cloud.

Now that that migration is complete,, we are focused on simplifying this landscape and enhancing the digital experience for both users and employees.

Our challenge for you
This is where you come in. We need your help in defining the next dot on the horizon for our digital landscape in servicing consumers of DPG Media products.

A couple of challenges that need to be addressed:

  • Ensuring a consistent and excellent experience, across all channels of interaction.

  • Establishing control over the consumer dialogue and orchestrating it through our channels of choice.

  • Digitizing our interaction with consumers by encouraging self-service, only bringing in human agents when necessary

  • Facilitating easy insourcing and outsourcing of operations as well as adding new brands resulting from ever happening mergers and acquisitions

We welcome your critical and thorough assessment of our different stacks to identify opportunities. We want you to demonstrate leadership by bringing together business and IT stakeholders together to define a well-defined architecture. We want you to be an inspiration to our teams, and we expect you to possess visionary thinking, business acumen, and up-to date knowledgeable in the latest technology. A storyteller both verbally and in writing.

We offer

  • An experience-based salary

  • 12% personal choice budget (of which is 8% holiday allowance)

  • Participating in profit every year.

  • 36-hour working week

  • Over 350 training opportunities in our own academy. We also pay for your training that isn't in our academy. If you'd like to become TOGAF certified, we'd be happy to offer you this.

  • Does a physical newspaper or magazine on your doormat make you happy? We offer you a subscription of your choice!

  • We also offer travel allowance, a flexible work allowance and a staff discount for specific options.

  • There is also knowledge sharing from our tech colleagues

Even more reasons to work at DPG Media
At DPG Media, we work for more than 90 strong news brands, magazines, television shows, radio stations, and online services such as Qmusic,, Tweakers, Libelle, and VTM. Although we look like a media group, we are really a tech company. We get digital transformation done.

We offer a high-performing tech workplace where we treasure freedom, from how you find solutions to choosing your path. Feel free to be an entrepreneur, an apprentice, a team player, and, of course, to be you. We welcome everyone to apply, whatever your background may be. A great bunch of smart colleagues awaits you and are eager for you to join the team, whether that be a project team, a pub quiz team, or a sports team.

Learn what we have to offer you or get to know our tech company! And while you’re at it, you can find us on LinkedIn and Twitter too.


Your profile

  • You are experienced in and passionate about design, architecture and agile product development.

  • You have experience working with and managing stakeholders from all levels.

  • You are a shape-shifter who can easily absorb (and assist in) new contexts, team setups and ways of working.

  • You have a healthy dose of ambition, and you utilise it positively to grow with our organisation and news media. You are eager to coordinate our IT architecture, across the borders of Belgium and the Netherlands.

As the largest media company in the Netherlands and Belgium, we are open to all talents in our society. We call on candidates with a diverse background - in the broadest sense of the word - to apply for this position. It’s the differences between colleagues that lead to surprising insights and innovative solutions. And that, in turn, fits very well with us as an organisation. We are curious about you, your qualities, and your experience.

Will you be our new colleague? Then apply now!

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We prefer to do our recruitment ourselves and do not need any help with this.